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Heavy Duty LeverAction™ Lopper

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The Woodland Tools Heavy Duty LeverAction Lopper delivers the ultimate ability to shape your landscape. With the U-Shape™ design keeping the tool in your power zone and an optimized lever mechanism, every tough cut is an easy cut.

• High power lever technology increases cutting power and force
• Non-stick blades ensure long-term rust resistance
• 1-3/4” cut capacity to power through larger stems and branches

4 Reviews

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    5 stars

    Posted by Thomas P. on 1st Nov 2022

  • 5

    Posted by retired teacher on 1st Nov 2022

    The Heavy Duty Lopper is solidly constructed, with metal handles instead of the frequently encountered, fragile wood handles. Its cut capacity is listed as 1 3/4", although according to my experience, that is a modest claim. I have no long-term data, but the blade's purported platinum coating promises extended service. Incidentally, the lower jaw is hooked a bit more than usual, making it look and act like an aggressive piranha jaw, pulling the log toward the hinge, thereby increasing the cutting power. The tool is designed and engineered in the USA, and manufactured in Vietnam. I am impressed with the workmanship of the lopper, and trust that I can rely on it for many years to come. I don't expect to actually have to use the "Guaranteed Forever" warranty that covers the lopper.

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    It's a great tool

    Posted by Glenn A on 1st Nov 2022

    This "heavy duty" lopper/branch trimmer made quick work of the branch that broke my previous trimmer. Nice. It is of a modern design and is relatively comfortable to use. It did struggle with a slightly larger branch but I did not force the issue. (That hard piece of wood was, to be fair, a bit larger than the advertised cut capacity.) I was able to manipulate the tool with ease while cleaning up the side branches on other pieces of wood. The nonstick coating on the blade seems a great feature and should fend off rust. The "soft touch" grips are as advertised. It is obviously of a high-quality design (U.S.) and build (Vietnam). For the money, I think it's a great tool.

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    I got schooled

    Posted by MJA on 1st Nov 2022

    I have owned and used probably a dozen loppers over the years. For the past decade, my go-to lopper has been another brand’s 32-inch professional bypass heavy duty lopper, which I put to the test against this pair – trimming branches from a Thuja (arborvitae). (See photos.) Given that my trusty pair has already beaten many others before it, and that it has 4-inch longer handles, I really thought this new underdog pair didn’t stand a chance. I even sharpened mine right before use to make sure the home field had every advantage. Well, I got schooled. Hands down, the offset lever design of this lopper (see photo), really makes it easier to slice through thick branches (up to 1¼ inches in my test) – even with less leverage from the 4-inch shorter handles on this pair. I tested both pairs on the same branches, and every time, this lopper made the cut with noticeably less effort. About the only thing I missed is that I’ve gotten so used to the reach of my 32” lopper, especially when I’m up on a ladder. Those extra 4 inches can make all the difference I need to reach for that branch on the end without having to move the ladder. But that’s a small price to pay for the superior cutting ability of this lopper. Another bonus: Woodland Tools donates 1% of sales to environmental nonprofit organizations (see photo). I think this lopper just became top dog, and my other pair will now be the backup I lend to neighbors!



• High carbon steel blades and non-stick coating increase cut performance and rust resistance
• Pivoting lever mechanism allows for more powerful and efficient cuts
• U-Shape™ design keeps the tool in the power zone longer for easier cuts
• Soft bumpers reduce the amount of impact felt during tough cuts
• Ergonomic handles with soft, non-slip texture increase comfort and control
• Alpha blade design reduces force along the blade and keeps the blade straight during max capacity cuts
• Integrated hang-holes make for easy storage • Cut capacity: 1-3/4”
• Guaranteed Forever