7 Myths About Pruning

7 Myths About Pruning

Posted by Woodland Tools on 2nd Nov 2022

Pruning isn't as hard as it may seem.

1) Pruning is too difficult for the average gardener to learn: There are a lot of plant types in the world, but with a little research and knowledge from Woodland Tools, it can be rewarding to see your yard reach its full potential.

2) If I do not prune at the right time, I will kill my plants: Plants could be injured on occasion, but it is unlikely that you will kill your plants. Consult the Woodland Tools Tips and Tricks page to ensure the health of your plant.

3) All pruning must be done in the winter: It depends! Many plants should be pruned in the growing season shortly after it has bloomed. For more information, check out our: “What to prune and when” article in the Tips and Tricks area of woodlandtools.com.

4) Removing a tree is a crime against nature: We encourage you to nurture nature, but if a tree or plant is in the wrong place functionally, it will not thrive and should be moved. This is especially true if the tree or plant must be mutilated to eliminate the problem it is causing as it will open it up to insects and disease.

5) Evergreen trees need to be pruned each year: False! Evergreens should only be pruned to remove dead, diseased, or damaged limbs. Or to control their shape. We suggest using a Woodland Tools Lopper for the best experience.

6) Hedge Shears can cut everything: The biggest blade will not cut the biggest log. Hedge Shears are designed to cut hedges only. For larger branches, use a Woodland lopper or saw.

7) All cut surfaces must be treated with pruning paint: False! Plants and trees produce their own protective barriers, so there is no need to treat the plant with additional materials. We recommend using a clean and sharp Woodland Tool for precise cuts.