What to Prune and When

What to Prune and When

Posted by Woodland Tools on 2nd Nov 2022

You have trees and plants, now what?

Maybe you planted some flowers and trees, or maybe they have been in your yard for years. Either way, did you know that you should prune them each year to keep them healthy and growing for years to come? We know that this can seem like a large task, but it is critical for the long-term success of your yard!

When you prune depends on a couple of things. First is the type of plants you have and second is the climate you live in. For example, trees and shrubs that bloom in the spring begin to grow new buds as soon as the old flowers have fallen, therefore it is critical to prune before the new buds come in.

Alternatively, flowering and fruiting plants need to be cut back in the late winter or early spring to produce a healthy crop. Here are some quick tips depending on the type of plant or tree you are pruning:

Perennials may be the most labor-intensive plant to maintain, but it is simple. Use a Woodland Tools Pruner and trim regularly all season long to remove dead leaves and branches. At the end of the season, they should be cut back entirely to encourage growth for the next season.

Evergreens can largely be left alone to grow as pruning can stress or expose the tree to disease. Evergreens should only be pruned with a Woodland Tools lopper to remove diseased, broken, or dead branches as these are open invites for pests and diseases to spread through the tree.

Flowering Trees, Shrubs, and Vines should be pruned with a Woodland Tools Lopper or Hedge Shear based on when they bloom. For flowering trees, and vines that bloom in the early spring, they should be trimmed shortly after the petals fall off. For plants that bloom in the summer, they should be pruned with a Woodland Tools Lopper or Hedge Shear in the early spring or fall of each year.