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Compact Duralight™ Lopper

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The Woodland Tools patent-pending Compact DuraLight Lopper is a one-of-a-kind designed to deliver durability and lightweight performance when pruning and trimming your tree and shrub branches.

• Gear amplified cutting technology for the toughest of cuts
• Designed with high carbon steel and Onyx coated blades for precise, clean cuts
• U-Shape™ ergonomic technology improves efficiency and ensures comfort during prolonged use

11 Reviews

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    3x the Strength

    Posted by Matt on 1st Nov 2022

    From the pictures I would have sworn that these were the same size as the full size loppers that I currently have in my shed. So I didn't know what to expect as far as performance when I pulled them out of the box and saw that they were smaller. Well, I am here to tell you that because of the gear mechanism on the head these have 3x the strength than my larger set of loppers! They are very commercial grade and have an insanely strong build. The blade is very sharp, the handles feel good in your hand, and these can cut 1 1/4" saplings or tree limbs like butter. I love that they have holes in the end of the handles for hanging up when not in use. Also because they are smaller they are much more convenient to haul around. These loppers are guaranteed for life, and the blade has a special onyx coating. They are very strong but lightweight and you don't get fatigued after using them for several hours.

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    Top Notch

    Posted by BoyMom on 1st Nov 2022

    I have had a lot of pruning shears/loppers and these bad boys are top notch. These fit comfortably in your hands. They are lightweight and would be great for campers. They are part plastic but don't let that turn you away. The design of these makes cutting branches a breeze and boy are they sharp! We cut down a leggy tree today and I used these to trim off all the little branches. They didn't struggle one bit and cut super smooth. I was done in no time! I'd buy everything this company makes! Highly recommended!

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    Cut through like butter

    Posted by ParkerReno on 1st Nov 2022

    Not only do these work amazingly, they're pretty fun to use. Anything we've tried them on they cut through like butter. It takes a little more effort when stuff is nearing their limit, but up to about .75" you don't even notice is there. They are almost completely plastic (except the blade) which makes them super light. Hopefully they're durable in the long term. Currently I don't have any concerns about durability and they are held together with bolts so they can be tightened in the future if need be. If you're doing any yardwork where you might need to cut bushes or tree branches, you need these!

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    Love the guarantee

    Posted by Makeitso on 1st Nov 2022

    Surprisingly light for such a sturdy tool. I love that it has a lifetime guarantee, how often do we see that these days? I can’t imagine ever needing another lopper. I purchased it to trim my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree that’s become a bit top heavy. This is probably waaaay more lopper than my FLF needs but I’m glad it’ll be a smooth cut so I can propagate the cutting.

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    Minimal effort

    Posted by liam on 1st Nov 2022

    Minimal effort to cut through thick branches.

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    These really work

    Posted by LC on 1st Nov 2022

    The “Gear Amplified Cutting” mechanism on the Woodland Tools Mini Loppers really works! I was actually able to cut branches thicker than 1¼ inches, so I’m impressed and pleased with the functionality of the loppers. For thicker branches, I placed the loppers on the ground, pushing down with the arm that has the gear side. I did scratch some of the proprietary Onyx coating off the blades in my very first use, but I’m not sure if that’s because I was cutting branches thicker than the loppers are supposed to handle. The blades are sharp; all of the cuts were clean. The loppers are lightweight, which is a big plus for me. I have a huge yard, so I’d rather save my energy for using the tool rather than carrying a heavy one around. The blades do not have a locking mechanism.

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    I'm in love with these

    Posted by Eugene on 1st Nov 2022

    I'm in love with these!! I'm the wife and let me tell you these are totally mine!! They cut branches with complete ease and they don't hurt to use them either. I was going to get a different brand but saw these, read the reviews and thought I'd give them a try and I was not disappointed!!

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    Make trimming a breeze

    Posted by Mommy's little house that could on 1st Nov 2022

    Lightweight, solid and they work! I’m of small stature and the large pruning shears are exhausting to use. These make trimming small branches a breeze! I bring them when I cruise my garden and trim whatever needs trimming. So easy. This is a great product and I have no affiliation with the company nor do I get anything for reviews.

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    5 stars

    Posted by nashkris on 1st Nov 2022

    5 stars all around!



• Patent-pending DuraLight™ platform blends durability and lightweight performance
• High carbon steel blades and Onyx coating
• U-Shape™ design keeps the tool in the power zone longer for easier cuts
• Optimized gear mechanism provides mechanical advantage for tough cuts and
ensures you will never slip out of gear
• Dual-layer, soft cushioned handles provide durability and comfort
• Integrated hang-holes make for easy storage
• Cut capacity: 1-1/4”
• Guaranteed Forever