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The Woodland Tools MaxForce™ Bypass Pruner is the go-to tool for those who want to level up their pruning experience. The MaxForce™ Bypass Pruner was designed with hardened high carbon blades and an Onyx blade coating ideal for pruning smaller, living stems and branches.

• Gear amplified cutting technology for tough cuts on stems and branches
• Designed with high carbon steel and Onyx coated blades for precise, clean cuts
• Ergonomic, adjustable hand grips provide a personalized cutting experience

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super duty pruner cutting a small branch


• Hardened high carbon blades and Onyx coating ensure precision
• Amplified gears integrated for maximum cutting power
• Ergonomically designed, adjustable hand grips allow you to adjust the pruner to what fits your hand best
• Internal spring design eliminates the frustration of a lost spring ensuring you can get the job done
• Soft cushioned grips increase comfort during prolonged use
• Integrated hang-hole makes for easy storage
• Cut capacity: 3/4″
• Guaranteed Forever


Product Number: 05-2005-100
Length: 8.7 in
Weight: 0.52 lbs



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9 reviews for Super Duty Bypass Pruner

  1. Ben

    Like a hot knife through butter

    These shears are well made and easy to use. Perfect for small pruning jobs!

  2. Katherine

    Best pruner I’ve ever used

    This is officially my new favorite pruner!

  3. Robby

    Quick clean cuts

    At first glance this pair of pruning shears look well made. They have a lock to keep the shears closed when not in use. There is also a toggle to switch for hand size, the handle will open slightly more when toggled to the large hand size indicator. They also have an internal spring and are geared for easy cutting. The first thing I decided to prune was my roses, cut like butter and very clean cuts. Next I moved onto some citrus trees and a hong kong orchid tree. It was able to cut through the larger branches very easily and pretty cleanly. I would recommend them over many other pairs I’ve tried around my garden over the years.

  4. Jim M.

    Built with some forethought

    We always need a good pruning shear here as we are sloppy about caring for them. And the springs are usually the first thing to go, and then you need two hands to work it. So this is a nice looking and comfortable pair of shears in my hand. It has an adjustment for hand size, but not a big adjustment, still it’s a neat feature. I took for a test drive and it performed well and felt easy to use. You can lock and unlock it with one hand. Of course, if you use it on oversized branches you’ll damage it like all the others! The internal spring mechanism does provide hope that this might last a few seasons. Of course, that’s also up to us and using it properly. Pretty nice, and hopefully worth the price.

  5. Michelle Q.

    It is so easy to adjust and use on whatever you ne

    I use this tool on anything that is in my way, as far as vines and small tree limbs.

  6. Jean

    This pruners are easy for me to use even with small hands

  7. Peter

  8. Denny Q.

  9. Elizabeth R.

    I LOVE these pruners! They are comfortable and sharp and create great clean cuts. I have used many pruners over many years and these are hands down my favorite pruners. They adjust for various sized hands preventing fatigue. They shipped quickly using all recyclable materials and were packaged beautifully. While I’ve only owned them for a few weeks, I am confident that these pruners will perform well for years to come. Thanks, Woodland Tools!

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